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Welcome to CAPPA MIND & BODY, where we believe personal health is an art. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's wisdom, we see our minds and bodies as interconnected masterpieces that require balance and symmetry. What you do and how you live your life is scientifically proven to rewrite your DNA, not only determining your health in the future, but also what attributes your children will inherit. The question is, are you passing down healthy habits and routines that ensure longevity, or are you passing down stress, illness and disease?  Our slogan "Engineer your evolution" is a call to action, letting you know that you are in control, and you determine the outcome.


The CAPPA MIND & BODY personal health management system is simple, straightforward and undeniably effective. In as little as 3 months, clients experience life-changing improvements: Stress reduction, increased energy, fat loss, increased lean muscle mass, improved balance, increase strength and endurance, repaired metabolism, reversed type 2 diabetes, hypertension elimination, rehabilitated injuries, better sleep, and increased mental resilience and well-being. 

Put simply, we improve your health from the inside out! As we achieve improved biomarkers like reduced cholesterol, reversed diabetes, and more... the body and mind respond by changing to reflect a happier healthier you! That result is a lean and fit body accompanied  by a clam sharp mind.  

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Mind-Body Medicine Workshop

At CAPPA MIND & BODY, we offer comprehensive online courses that focus on mind-body wellness. Our courses are designed to help you achieve optimal health and wellness by teaching you how to manage stress, improve sleep, and cultivate healthy habits. All of our information and resources are obtained from top-level institutions, such as Harvard Medical School, Yale University, and leading experts in the field of mind-body medicine.



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